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Welcome to Chadha Investment

In an era of constant changing and volatile financial Market, Investors need a Qualified / Trained and unbiased professional to help them in achieving their short term and long term financial wishes.

We are having more than a decade of experience in Mutual Fund Distribution. We offer technology-based services for our clients to effectively monitor their investments and help them make their dreams a reality. We focus at being the most reliable prompt and efficient provider of financial and insurance services. We endeavour to be one stop financial supermarket and to be of immense help to our investors and provide help regarding Tax Savings, retirement Savings and insurance.

Why Us

Money can’t buy happiness on earth but it pays your bills, earns comfort , respect , prestige and creates heaven on earth. We help with creating portfolios which have so far beaten inflation, generated cashto help our clients to have better quality life in terms of family , parents , children ,sibling . spouse ,friends . workplace


A baby takes 9 month to be born, a house takes 3 years to be built, a building take 3 to 5 years , businesses takes 7 to 8 years to be successful .likewise building human financial portfolio takes time. We endeavor to help you reach you reach you goals over a period of time.


We have 35 years of track record of compounding and helping create  wealth. People think financial market is an exciting place where they buy and sell their portfolios and end up paying brokerages , short term  and long term tax. The more trading decision you take it increases the chances of going wrong.


Asset managers want to beat the index , what happens if index falls 20% , so one crore portfolio falls to 80 lakh and If your portfolio is above 90 lakhs the fund manager bonus is assured. We try and generate positive real returns after understanding how much time do you have for investment and goals , as also how much risk you are willing to take when market falls.


We make investment boring with our disciplined and asset allocation approach. market participants love showing 20 year returns of Infosys, reliance, amazon but could  churn their portfolios to the tune of 60 to 130 pc 

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What we offer

Mutual Funds

A Mutual Fund pools the savings of a number of investors and invests the same in a variety of different financial instruments

Life Insurance

Life insurance is of significant importance if you wish to protect your family or dependents from any economic hardship

Health Insurance

With medical costs spiraling out of control and the increase in shift to lifestyle diseases, healthcare today is at its all-time

Tax Saving

There is more to tax saving than the exemptions available on investment made by you. With right investments

Retirement Saving

Retirement saving is a much sought and discussed subject in our time. It is said that retirement assesment is never too late though ideal

Child Future Saving

One of the most important aspirations in a parent’s life is to provide for and secure your child’s future.


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