Who are we?

Our Story

Our origins can be traced back to Lahore in pre-partition India (before 1947) when two brothers – Mr Raj Paul Chadha and Mr Prem Paul Chadha – started an investment broking company in shares and fixed deposits. Col YP Chadha (retd) and Mrs Lakshmi Chadha learnt at their feet, got guidance from Mr Ravi Malik, and took the idea forward. These men and women knew the value of buying good companies and holding them for decades – present-day fund managers call this compounding. We have learnt the same sensibility and patience. You may be more familiar with this strategy as the mantra of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway. Today, the company that was once run out of an NSC/PPF agent’s bag has offices in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.

Who are we?

Money coming in always gives you a great sense of security and comfort. But soon enough you learn that it might not be enough to work for your money – it might be time to make your money work for you. This may sound like a line lifted from the latest finance bestseller, but once you cut through the cliches you realize that it is indeed possible to earn what is called a ‘passive income’ – money over and above what your salary or business gives you. This is where we at Chadha Investment Consultant Pvt Ltd come in. 

We are here to help you meet your life goals. We believe that any transaction involving your money should be based on complete trust and a shared vision of the future. Hence our goal is to manage your hard-earned wealth not just for this quarter or year, but throughout your life and beyond (Conception to Resurrection). We make long-term commitments to our clients and build personal relationships that go beyond what money can buy. 

For an Indian investor, the days of keeping money in a safe or pouring it into real estate are long gone. What happens when property prices tumble, or inflation makes money in your savings account lose value? Should you create a fixed deposit? Buy gold? Are NFTs or crypto a good investment? These questions are not easy to answer, and the answers change every day. At Chadha Investment, we have ensured an impressive real return for our clients over several decades. Our team is full of prudent, trustworthy, and hard working professionals who work around the clock to make every rupee of your money go as far as possible. After all, money never sleeps, so how can we? 

Financial markets have always been a specialist’s field and have only gotten more complex over time. Someone keeping up with the demands of their own job cannot possibly stay abreast of the financial world. Here at Chadha Investment, part of our job is tuning out the noise and focusing on what is important. We avoid fashionable instruments that look lucrative over two months (think tech funds in 2000, infrastructure and monthly income plans in 2008, duration risk in 2013, credit risk in 2016, PayTM in 2021, cloud computing/green energy/genomics/AI in 2022), but blow a hole in your portfolio over two years. Astronomical returns always sound attractive, but people are already forgetting the role played by fancy financial instruments in the 2008 financial crisis. We have similarly avoided exotic IPOs launched by investment banks in 1992, New Fund Offers in infrastructure and power by asset managers in 2007/2008, and the housing rush in Noida. We pride ourselves on separating the hype from the substance every single time. 

Our model is simple – we help our clients attain financial freedom as early as possible and fulfil their financial goals, whatever they may be. This requires time and patience, but in our experience the tortoise always beats the hare.